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Embark on a yearlong voyage with our UNWIND Pass at $299, an all-inclusive ticket to personalized adventures for every member of your party, featuring bespoke itineraries, curated hotel stays, culinary delights, and tailored experiences crafted to perfection based on your collective preferences and budget.

365 UNWIND (Yearly)



Learn how it works

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How It Works - UNWIND PASS


Tell us your dream trips and key dates

Kickstart a year of extraordinary travel by subscribing to our Yearly PASS. This all-in-one subscription transforms every vacation into a personalized adventure, offering a unique pricing advantage for multiple journeys within the year.  Share your travel dreams, preferences, and the key dates for your upcoming adventures. This sets the stage for a customized annual travel plan.


Tailored Annual Itinerary Framework

We design a comprehensive annual itinerary tailored to your preferences and key events. This flexible framework allows you to enjoy a variety of experiences, from cultural explorations to serene retreats, all seamlessly integrated into your yearly plan.


Enjoy uninterrupted Travel Enjoyment and on-the-go support

Glide effortlessly from one adventure to the next, secure in the knowledge that your Yearly PASS guarantees a consistently high level of service and attention to detail. Revel in the variety of curated experiences that unfold throughout the year. With the Yearly PASS, simplify your travel planning, secure an unbeatable subscription price, and unlock a year brimming with personalized adventures. Subscribe once, travel often!

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