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Aire Volador is a feeling, the one from the desire to travel. We've been lucky to travel often, covering 4 continents, 25 countries, and 509 cities, that however, is only about 11% of the planet. People say that traveling ‘expands your horizons’, as in you learn, which is true, but for us it’s always been about ‘making memories’.


Intentionally working to create memorable moments from a trip is a sort of art form, you need to have the right energy and aesthetics, but also be good at planning, researching, budgeting and logistics.

The more knowledgeable you are, as a world traveler, the more value you will get from the time and money you devote to it. Planning a one-week vacation takes us about 10 hours, plus a couple more for booking everything. Being able to properly squeeze a sightseeing day into a business trip takes skill. The effort to get this right for you, can be overwhelming and the result suboptimal, after spending countless hours researching across travel sites, comparing lodging options, booking tours, trying to find what events are happening, you are left with the feeling that it’s a gamble. Often, weeks after you return, you will discover a few important things you missed or expensive mistakes you made.  


Over the years, our friends would often sing praises about our trips, this was often about the choice of destination and activities, they started sort telling us, ‘I follow you to decide where to go’. They would also imply that we  have a lot of vacation time, when comparing, people typically spent way more for subpar results.  


Being a world traveler is a decision, a habit, and an identity. People rarely ask: How did you learn about that destination? How did you know that was happening? How do you prepare? How do you squeeze so much into a day? How did you get that deal?  


Planning customized travel experiences for our friends is where we go naturally in our spare time. At one point, we took a hard look at how broken the experience traveling is, and started down the path of combining principles, habits and knowledge into a system to help people worry less and enjoy more their travel.


We want to give you the peace of mind that you’re not missing important things and you’re getting the right deal, that way, you will say yes more often, when you get that ‘Aire Volador’.

Blue Skies,

Nelly                                         Rafael

Founder                                    Founder


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